Piano Improvisation

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bartholomewt | 13:07 Mon 20th Apr 2020 | Music
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How to be able to come up with music right after listening to someone sing? I mean how to be able to play on the piano using both hands.


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With all the notes in the right order as well?
There are lots of on-line piano lessons
Practice, practice, practice.

From experience it's a lot less fun when you have it as a chore every day. Be sure it's something you intend sticking to.
Improvisation is a skill you either have, or you don't have.

If you have it, you can develop it, and if you don;t have it, you can't put it there.

The best way to find out if you have it is to play along to a favourite track, and just play your own melody with one finger over the top of it.

If this comes easily to you, then you can improvise, and you can start to experiment with it, adding chords, and going further out from the melody, and then adding your left hand in as well.

If your hands are following your mind without thinking, you are improvising.

If you find this hard, even after a few hours of trying, then maybe you simply don't have the skill in place to develop.

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Piano Improvisation

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