Black Eyed Peas - Humps

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Blinky | 13:41 Fri 11th Nov 2005 | Music
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Does this song really irritate anyone else or just me, how stupid is this song, my lumps too??

Yeah coz that sounds really sexy doesn't it!
Sorry, rant over now!


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Yes i hate it too, but then i hate fergie in general, with her whinging voice and plastic surgery-ed face!

BTW did you see the pics of her doing a concert having wet herself!?

Competely agree!!! Not particularly a Black Eyed Pea's fan, but I did think that the woman, Fergie is it? was knid of cool. Not any more, my mum just said "30 years of Womens Lib. and this is what we are getting!" says it all really! Very annoying and not at all sexy.

*kind* even

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To be honest I did see that picture but I reckon she was just really sweaty, it is possible to look like that, I go to a dance class every week and our instructor always looks like he's wet himself after an hour of exercise!

Does anyone know if there's any pictures of Fergie before she joined the Black Eyed Peas? Apparently she was in a girl band or something. Just interested to see before and after picks!

Does anyone know where you can view the picture you're talking about? a link to it on the web?

Oh yea and that song "Humps" is ri-gosh-darn-diculous!!

Well, sorry to say that my three year old daughter thinks it's great, thank goodness she's too young to understand the connotations..

Luv the song :-)
its just funny lol
Well, I totally disagree. You need to get out more. The beat in the background is an old school Uncle Jams Army (an original west coast, as in USA rapper/club promoter) and this is a club song...Complete sense, rant over now!
nah she definitely wet herself - reports from the concert say she was off her face and i recently read an interview with her where she wouldnt talk about it - if it had have been sweat she would have said so!
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its crap!!!!!

Yep....does my head in too....shame as i love most of there other stuff

and what does my head in even more is i keep getting asked to play it!.....ahhhhh

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Black Eyed Peas - Humps

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