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At This Point Of My Life, What Do You Folks Think I Should Do With My Unwanted Obsession With This Girly/cutesy Japanese Idol Group To End It All Internal Struggling?

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MM305 | 03:12 Sat 25th Aug 2018 | Music
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(DISCLAIMER: I'm sure you failiar folks get the memo, and probably are angry that I'm posting this subject again. But I am serious when I post this, because it's a problem that I have been having for a long time now. So if you want to help, I would appreciated it. If not, Go one with your day)

I, an American adult male, seem to have this strong unwanted interest with Japanese idol girl group group, Momoiro Clover Z (MCZ). They are my biggest guilty pleasure ever to the point where they are honestly my top artists/group right now..GAHH, IT HURTS TO SAY THAT!!

It's EXTREME:Y difficult to live your life following this type of act in America or anywhere on the Western side (because that's the situation I am in right now). The fact that this type of girly/cutesy entertainment isn't around in America or anywhere on the Western side of the Globe (unlike Japan)makes this situation even MORE dangerous for me. As well as the fact that the fan bases of girl groups in the West (Spice Girls/Fifth Harmony) are made up of mostly teenage females (unlike in Japan). To prove it, hear and listen to the crowd differences between a Fifth Harmony show and an MCZ show:

[MCZ] vs. [Fifth Harmony]

So yeah, for some uncontrollable reason, I seem to have a strong interest to MCZ (to the point where I can't seem to go without a day of listening to their music/watching their funny bits/following their posts/buying DVDs/etc), despite the fact that 1) I DO NOT WANT to have this interest and feel ashamed that I (an America adult male) has this strong of an interest for such a group and 2) It's an interest that can EASILY turn off folks here in the West and can make you a VERY EASY target to be assaulted both verbally and physically. Even if I try to ignore the folks who do such things to me or ask/tell them to "Stop!" (either kindly or confidently), they attack me because they don't to be ignored or told to be stop.

And in case you ask "how do they know you have such interests?" - I never even have tried to tell or show folks about it (why would I if I know it can lead to even MORE assault)? They find out because they see me or overhear me watching/listening to them. Plus, when you live with folks for such a long time (like family or friends), there's not many things you can do to avoid it from them when you are with them for a such a long time. They are bound to know that you have a particular interest in something when you both live with them AND follow that interest for a while.

That's one of the many reasons why there are my biggest guilty pleasure, as well as these 5 reasons:

- 1) It's something you felt uneasy/negative about at first, but then ended up liking for some reason.

- 2) It's something that would lead to physical (as well as verbal/mental) assaults no matther how much you try to defend/ignore

- 3) It's an interest that you know is flawed/has its faults, yet you like it because you can't help such a feeling. For example, a song with full racial/sexist lyrics. You may be aware that the song is heavily flawed for its sexual/racial lyrics, and end up thinking “Damn, they are right about this criticism", but you can't stop listening to it! (I could also use Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video as an example for males, because such a "seemingly" objeciifying video may still get males sexually aroused to the point of wanting more of it.

- 4) I'm liking something that is “out of character/different in personality and approach" compare to yourself. Like this metal guy who admits to liking some pop acts!

- 5) You are the minority of a fan base that is filled with your opposite gender (like a male liking Justin Bieber/1D/Taylor Swift/boy bands/etc.)

Now that I confess to you folks about this, I'm asking advice to know what should I do about my UNWANTED fandom with this group? Should I put the extra effort to not follow this group at all? Should I continue to follow them despite me n


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Question Author
Quick note: When I talk about the Western side, I'm referring to countries like America and the UK.
The only thing that would concern me is the possibility your adoration of this cutesy girl group is enabling you to channel and control a darker drive in a relatively harmless way.. if you are sure you are really not fixated on oriental girl children which is what this band is projecting then just stop and find something else to enjoy.. I think you might need help from a counsellor

For those who haven't got a clue what you are so worked up about
Question Author
Just so you’ll know, it’s not about feeling a sexual or lust desire with this group, but rather an interest of following, watching, and listening to their content, despite me knowing it’s an unsafe environment.
Perhaps someone more age appropriate, Meiko Kaji is very beautiful with a good voice and you could see her in lots of movies too

I love this song so nice to share it
I'm at a loss for words.
It takes all sorts, I feel like I have stepped into the twilight zone
OMG, they look like my 8 year old grandaughter. You need help, fast.
If you just like listening then listen. If you feel anything more then see a doctor.
Question Author
Again, none of this obsessive feeling is sexual.

Try as I might, I just can't generate any interest in this whatsoever.
isnt this just an obsession with - anime ?
if you were japanese ( you arent are you? - not even just a little?) then it could be counted as normal

You dont understand it -
i dont understand it -
perhaps no one does .....
who can hear the sound of one hand clapping ?
( er that isnt Japanese is it - chinese I think)
-- answer removed --
Rowanwitch. Thanks,one of the nicest tracks I've heard in a long time.
I know a little about this band - they are absolutely massive in Japan with followers of pretty much every age group. J-pop is like that though; the image and music looks like kindergarten stuff, but you'll get punks and metal fans who'll get right into it and also get into the likes of Miku Hatsume (totally bonkers singing hologram).

If you like them, fine... but as Rowanwitch says, check out some other acts too, there's a lot of great stuff that seldom makes it out of Japan...
If you like them you like them, stop worrying about it, all sorts of people liker all sorts of things. It doesn't matter. You seem to have a bit of an obsessive personality because you've asked this question dozens of time, so just appreciate it's part of your persona.
Question Author
Badhorsey - The problem is that this kindergarten/cutesy type of entertainment doesn’t appeal to the West as it does in Japan. Unless your lucky confront a taboo of followers, everyone else living in the West (UK or USA) will immediately hate and/or get creeped out by this type of stuff (ask some of the ABers who commented in my last 2 posts when I show them this video). These things leads to followers to getting bullied/assaulted for it.

That, and I hat the fact I follow this group as much as I do when I REALLY don’t want to (buts it a back and forth battle I keep having with myself).

So that’s why I ask, what should I do: Quit following this type of entertainment or keep following this dangerous group?
Please stop panicking, if you like them follow them, they're not 'dangerous', I know loads of people who like weirder things than this and don't get assaulted or killed. Just try to relax, that's what you really need to be worrying about, why this worries you so much.
MM305/MEMicster1, you've asked this question (or a variation of it) many times on AB over the last 3 years. If it truly makes you uncomfortable, then stop. If, however, you are more concerned whether others approve, who cares?
Broaden your horizons and get more fresh air.

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At This Point Of My Life, What Do You Folks Think I Should Do With My Unwanted Obsession With This Girly/cutesy Japanese Idol Group To End It All Internal Struggling?

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