Into The Wild With Gordon Buchanan Ep2/5

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Hypognosis | 19:51 Tue 19th Apr 2016 | Music
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Around 40 minutes in, at the foggy airfield. Instrumental piece, with descending flute figures over a synth or string wash. Shades of Koyaanisqaatsi in one of the riffs.

It is one of the ubiquitous pieces used in many BBC documentaries and you will recognise it instantly but does anyone know the artist/title?


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Production music for the series is provided by Soundology.

Perhaps the track is showcased on their website.
Question Author
Well, that's knocked my thread off the unanswered tab but the page you linked to is a dead end and lists no track titles/artists.

The question is: "does anyone know the artist/title? "

If you don't know, PLEASE, don't post a reply. You are are welcome to join any discussion after the thread gets an answer. The idea is to help anyone who has been trying to find this track, not just me.

Not dead for me Hypo. Just had a listen.
Yes, a total dead end.

1. They are a production music company. One of their number composed the music.

2. It's not as if you could contact them directly.

So PLEASE keep to yourself ignorant remarks to persons offering you aid.
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Thanks to Ab Editor for unlocking the thread, so I can complete it.

So, care of Chilldoubt, via Mamya's follow up thread, it was the intro to this track

All Things To All Men, by
The Cinematic Orchestra ft. Roots Manuva

Full length is about 10 minutes but the Beeb only use a snippet from the instrumental build up.

Check these guys out.

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Into The Wild With Gordon Buchanan Ep2/5

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