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Ive Always Thought Yes They Did...

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bazwillrun | 12:47 Tue 12th Apr 2016 | Music
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Taurus no doubt influenced Led Zeps Stairway in a big way...

Theres probably not a song been written thats not been influenced one way or another by other song..
Taurus opening strings I can hear hints of Smetana, and later on theres Bach... Media URL:


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Question Author
Put the YT link in the box but as usual it doesnt seem to work..
Used to like Spirit. As you say, there's bound to be crossover in music but interesting that they toured together.
Hope that this works.
It's too similar to deny really; but I think Led Zep made more of it than Spirit were doing.
I can hear a small similarity, to "Stairway to Heaven", in a downward cord sequence, from about 0:45 onwards but that's all. Led Zeppelin's was an upward cord sequence, as can be heard in my YouTube clip.

I can't see how anyone can copyright guitar cords !

This is all about money for greedy lawyers, rather than any artistic differences. But it was nice to be reminded about Spirit, who I had forgotten about !
Just found this version of Stairway !
They should've played it safe and done what The Pet Shop Boys did and copy their own songs
Just a thought, why has it taken 45 years for this to come about?
hmmmm? Thoughts?

x x x Media URL:
Messed that up, didn't I? Back in mo.....
x x
Good shout Baths!

Men At Work had a hit in the 80's with Down Under and they got done for copying 'Kookaburra' from 70 years earlier
Wow Panky, didn't know that ;)

x x x
Question Author
"I can't see how anyone can copyright guitar cords !"

its the sequence and phrasing thats at issue here not the chords per se..ive been playing and teaching guitar for decades and theres no way Led Zep came up with that by "luck"...even less likey when the proximity of the two bands to each other at the time was is taken into account...

this has been simmering for a long time, since STH was realeased, its not a new accusation
Hearing a similarity is one thing - proving it as illegal plaigarism is very much another - down to the interpretation of the lawyers and judge on the day.\

Some cases are pretty much cut and dried - as was 'My Sweet Lord' and 'Sweet Talkin' Guy' - there is even a mash-up of the two together out on the net now. Similarly, 'Blurred Lines' and 'Got To Give It Up, both of which have netted serious wonga for the wronged writers - however innocently it may have been done, fraud is fraud in law.

This has rumbled on for a while - we will see what shakes down. Either way it's unlikely to dent the accounts of the Zeppelin members too much.
My a Sweet Lord sounds nothing like Sweet Talkin Guy, does sound like He's So Fine though
I stand corrected panky - I'm away on holiday, so too much sun and no access to decent music has dulled my normally sharp senses.

Normal service will be resumed at the weekend!
^What if we had a whip round?
Only a very vague resemblance IMO.

Spirits music reminded me more of the theme tune to 'The Saint' staring Roger Moore.
There are loads of musical pieces out there that sound like others, it doesn't necessarily denote rip-offery. I doubt very much that Led Zep heard this and based STH on it.
Now how about Start by The Jam and Taxman by The Beatles!

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Ive Always Thought Yes They Did...

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