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polly1 | 15:59 Mon 06th Jun 2005 | Music
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is Chris Martin possibly the most pretentious singer who ever walked the face of the earth...?


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Yep, heard him on Jo Whileys show today, he is an idiot! Didn't he slate bands like Athlete and Snow Patrol for copying them? Correct me if Im wrong but I remember people saying coldplay had copied Radiohead when they first come out. Rant over!
I have to say that I just think Coldplay are the blandest band of recent times.  It annoys me that Chris Martin seems to jump on the bandwagon of the newest charity or fund raising event, he's being a bit of a trend wh*re.
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No, it's that [email protected] from Athlete who's desparate to sound like Chris Martin...pillock!!

I still say he sounds like Dennis Waterman on "Little Britain" ("Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune").

I saw him on telly before defending his privileged background, by saying everyone in this country is privileged.Tell that to the next homeless heroin addict you step over, posh boy.Or perhaps you'd like to explain your "trendy vicar" stance on poverty to a teenaged single mum living in a one bedroom council flat? Will you be trying to Make Poverty History in Glasgow, Liverpool or Middlesbrough? or just in photogenic Africa? Remember to keep Gwyneth in the shade when you're filming an insert for Live Aid, the sun is so bad for the skin.  

It's the sincere messianic stare in all the photos I particularly hate, along with the belief that never shaving makes his ropey little band seem more authentic, rather than Radiohead on Prozac with all the "difficult" bits removed.Basically, Coldplay are about as relevant as Robbie Williams, and if anyone is still listening to them in 20 years, I'll be very surprised.

Apparently he says there are no plans for another Coldplay album.


jamesy boy,

You seem a little tense!  Chris Martin is right, those you've mentioned are privileged in that they have the welfare state to fall back on.  For most heroin addicts it is a lifestyle choice, not circumstance. Young, single mothers in this country are given housing and benefits to buy everything for a new born baby, not to mention the NHS system that both the examples you have given have at their disposal.  Chris Martin champions the cause of those less fortunate in other countries by backing the Make Trade Fair campaign.

Do you know of any young children in this country who have to forego any semblance of education in order to help their parents make a living farming coffee beans, only to have some massive global company give them a pittance for their efforts?

I won't hold my breath waiting for your answer!

Pretentious! Moi?

Of course he is.  Sting used to hold this hallowed position, but Chris Martin has taken it to a new level.  If he hated his record company so much he would leave it.  He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.  All mouth Chris, but hey punch a couple of photographers, and it's going to get you Liam Gallagher type street cred right ? Wrong.  You get more photos in girly gossip mags than in music papers. 'nuff said.


So presumably, Philtaz, Chris Martin is now the arbiter of what is fair in the world, is he? Like Superman with a guitar, he's here to save us all with a tired chord sequence!

And how much an hour are the people who make those anti-poverty wristbands making?Not enough to buy Fairtrade coffee, that's for sure (have you seen the price of it?)

Please, join with me now; boycott their records, picket their gigs: MAKE COLDPLAY HISTORY!

As I predicted then, you don't know any UK children in that predicament.

Also, why on Earth would I want to picket their gigs or boycott their records?  Is Martin really the embodiment of the pretentious rock star that you portray him to be? He hardly courts the likes of OK magazine, nor makes a song and dance in front of the papparazzi about going out to the shops to get some booze and fags a la Oasis. There are far more wannabe 'stars' in the music industry who play the part of the media ***** to a far greater and vomit inducing degree.  If you believe him to be so, you really ought to get out more!

So because no "kids" in this country grow coffee, no children in this country are living in poverty? Guess again, Philtaz.There are children in this (and every) country forced into doing much worse things for money than growing coffee.Yes, even in your town.

And you're right, the paparazzi-punching, "actress"-marrying rock star doesn't court publicity.It says so here in this interview...

As for the boycott/picketing thing: JOKE.I wonder if you've contracted a bad case of takingthingstooseriously-itis from listening to Coldplay while wearing a wet vest. 

Now, I'm off to drink a nice cup of unfair-trade coffee.Yum Yum! Well worth 9p an hour or whatever...

Nah, not taking things too seriously jamesy boy.  After all, I'm not the one who used the word 'hate' in one of my posts, am I?

Also, no need for the capitals, IT MAKES YOU SOUND AS THOUGH YOU ARE SHOUTING!!

As a side isuue AB Ed, how come the word WH0RE is asterisked out? Isn't that taking editing a bit too far?

i am shouting.

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