Good sources to download mp3 music from?

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merrydennis | 14:17 Thu 09th Jun 2011 | Music
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Guess I got bored with the music I have on my hard disk so I need to get myself some fresh new tracks for my listening pleasure.

Was just wondering, where do you guys usually like to download mp3 music from, any cool new music downloading services I missed till now?That is if you download mp3s at all, now that there are tons of streaming sites where u can listen to streamed music or web radios that stream music online.

Suppose I am a bit old fashioned, so any suggestions are great.


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Amazon, Itunes, there are loads... they all have about the same selection to buy.
I would use Soulseek if it were legal, it finds stuff that other music download sites can't (apparently).
But you must not under any circumstances go to and download the simple and easy to use console and use it ...ok ?
In line with Answerprancer, you shouldn't use Frostwire for the exact same purpose either, as I've never done.

Also, if you've got Real Player you can download any video from youtube and use the software provided to convert the relevant vid to an mp3 file and save it to your library.
I was recently introduced to It's another of those Russian sites but the downloads are free and good quality. Lots of obscure stuff on there, though.
Yeap, you're quite right plenty of people prefer these days to just go online to music video streaming sites like youtube, dailymotion and others like these and stream music online rather than download mp3's.

Can pretty much listen to anything online, but I also prefer to download mp3 music to my hard disk just in case I need to transfer to some portable device for listening on the go.

Anyhow, Amazon's quite a good place to go to get and download mp3 music tracks, they offer pretty good deals and even throw in some freebies from rising artists.
You can always use google to find some other alternate sites that offer mp3 music downloads, look here for example:

Saw there are plenty of sources you can use to download mp3s, think most of them are actually quite legal from what I saw.

One other think you could try is to get some subscription that offers you online music streaming, think it's a good choice since it should give you access to tons of new artists and music you can stream and listen to anytime you want, even on mobile devices or anything like this.

Definitely worth a shot as well, if you ask me.
Online streaming radios all the way for me, you can even ditch the mp3 music downloads sites if you can find absolutely every mp3 music songs you like on web radios.

Dunno about the rest but I think online streaming radio stations are an excellent source of music from any king of genre and even any country, if you like to keep your options open and try some foreign music as well.

It's also quite easy to find cool web radios: just google 'em. Think also has quite a large collection of internet streaming radio stations in its database so worth checking out to get you started.

And if you can't give up mp3 music downloads that easily, than guess you can always just record and download mp3 music songs from online web radios, plenty of web radio recorder tools round the web.
I use Spotify
Spotify music streaming seems to be actually quite good, or so I've heard.

Anyhow moving on, I don't think it's worth the hassle of going through several music downloads sites just to find one lousy little mp3 track. If you're into music streaming internet radios thing, these are well worth it.

Just find'em, play'em and you can happily sing along in a matter of minutes. Besides shoutcast, think penguinradio also has quite a large database of internet streaming radio stations arranged accordingly to genre or something like this.

Plus if can't ditch the need to download mp3 tracks or just need some fresh music for any mobile devices you can just record music from streaming radios and convert web radio music to mp3 tracks. There's some audials piece of software that can record mp3 music from internet radios, for example:

Think it's quite a good solution to the mp3 music downloads new sources search; at least for me.
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Thanks for the good ideas on mp3 music downloads sources you gave me so far you guys. Dunno what to say about some of them would like to stick to getting or downloading mp3 tracks from legal sources, as much as possible.

Suppose web streaming radios are also quite good but I'm not that sure I'd be happy to stick to just listening mp3 music streaming from online radios plus dunno if I'd be able to listen to online radios on the mobile device I have, also need some mp3 downloads for listening when I'm away from home or something like this.

@evieirene Ahem, really?
Though u can only stream music online from web radios, didn't know it's be possible to record mp3s from online radio and save the online radios music streaming to the hard disk.

Hope the proggy u mentioned does not save the mp3 recordings to one huge file, that would not be useful for me at all.
you could try this to check prices; it's run by moneysavingexpert

You can download from YouTube, which has more sorts of music than can possibly exist. I use this to convert to mp3
Don't be silly, of course it doesn't.

I mean dunno how other web radios recording programs work, but this Audials program definitely does not record web radios to one huge music file.

What would be the point of using it to record web radios if it worked that way, you'd still have to wait for good songs while you playback the recording.

Though I already mentioned: u can use it to record and convert online radios music streaming to mp3 files, that is individual mp3 tracks.
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Its so nice to know that all you people would never dream of downloading an illegal free track, im in the company of saints!!!

lolol :-)
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