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Car accident

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sihiggs79 | 16:06 Sun 15th Mar 2009 | Road rules
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Hi there. Wonder if anyone can help. A couple of days ago I was involved in a car accident. I was waiting to pull out of my work car park onto a minor road. The road i was pulling onto is a dead end with a turning circle at one end, about 20 metres from my junction. I was waiting to pull out and saw a car on the other road, on the right either crawling incredibly slowly or parked on double yellow lines. I knew I had plenty of time so pulled out. The next thing I knew he had driven into the drivers side front corner of my car. I was completely on the road when the collision occured. He cannot have been looking and must have accelerated quickly. His passenger said the driver had just picked her up so it is more likely he was parked on the double yellow lines. He is blaming me and I am blaming him. I have terrible neck, shoulder and back pain and have been to doctors today who say it is whiplash. I am considering making a claim for the injury but do not know who they will see as being at fault. Can anyone help please? Many thanks


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Pity the Police didn't attend given that not only was there a collision but there were also injuries. Unfortunately, I believe that you would only have had 24 hours to report it to the Police, therefore you've gone past that now.

Nothing to stop you trying to make a claim, however it's probably doubtful that you would succeed given the fact that you're the one who drove out in front of the other car regardless of what you think its driver was doing.

Go a head and try but it doesn't sound good for you.

Sorry it's not the answer you wanted.
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Car accident

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