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Road Traffic Accident

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Page_3 | 13:09 Mon 12th May 2008 | Road rules
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Last week while driving I turned right out of a side road onto a busier road. There was pretty heavy traffic and I was flashed to go by both the car in the first lane I had to cross (i.e. the car going to my left) and the car turning right from the main road into the road I was turning out of. I entered the centre of the road checked that there was nothing coming in a second lane behind the car turning right. There wasn't and I continued my right turn when suddenly a car in the lane I turning into came out of no where and I clipped its front right hand side with my front left hand side.

I pulled over straight away into the entrance to a building site but seeing it wasn't really a safe place to stop I signalled to the man in the car behind to follow me to a safer place to stop. As we were about to go over a bridge this meant crossing to the other side. When we had crossed the bridge I indicated to turn down the right road in a fork in a road immediately following the bridge. I immediately pulled over and got out my car. I was in a position that was clearly visible from the exit to the bridge and waited for the car I'd hit to pull over behind me. No car pulled over and so I waited a couple of minutes and got back into my car and returned to the scene of the accident. There was no one there so I had no alternative but to carry on with my journey.

Today I received a letter suggesting that I have been alleged to have committed the following offences: driving without due care and attention, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident.

As the incident was mostly my fault I can understand the first offence however the other two baffled me. Looking back I can only imagine that the other driver failed to see my turning right as me pulling over and had suspected that I had driven off. I've been driving for five years and have never had an incident before. How worried should I be?


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You have provided your own answer and defense. You moved your car to a safe position. The obstacles were the entrance to a building site and a bridge.

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Road Traffic Accident

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