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Middle Lane Driving Laws – Poll

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anaxcrosswords | 13:23 Mon 19th May 2014 | Road rules
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A huge majority voting for the ‘no difference whatsoever’ option, but my experience is slightly different. A lot of people are still ignoring the law, but I’ve seen some improvement (maybe the poll should have had a ‘some improvement’ option?).
There are still plenty of middle lane morons on the motorways but I’m finding – more than used to be the case – that if I overtake them then move to the inside lane they tend to follow suit.
Anyway, that’s not my reason for posting. I’ve noticed that some of the roads I use regularly seem worse than others for inappropriate lane use. The A6 between Stockport and Hazel Grove is notorious for the inside lane (in both directions) being almost unused; the A55 into North Wales is another bad one. On the other hand, the A34 bypass from Cheadle to Alderley Edge – while not perfect – doesn’t seem anything like as bad; at worst, if you come up against somebody hogging the outside lane they will generally move over.
Wondered if anyone else frequently uses particular roads (not motorways though) where the lane discipline is poor compared to others?


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A14. between the M6 and Kettering, trucks over 7.5T are not supposed to use certain stretches of lane 2. this is routinely and widely ignored, the elephants keep on racing each other with impunity.
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The A27 between its junctions with the A3(M) and the A2030 - but that's really down to poor road/signage design.
I do 35000 miles a year, central lane hoggers cause long tail backs, them and the wagons overtaking others when travelling half a mile per hour faster.
We should use lane restrictions similar to those in Europe.
Not worth getting her up about it. The M5 near us here in Exeter Devon might as well be a two lane road all the way up to Bristol. My wife and I are convinced that MIDDLE LANE HOGS understand the law, know they shouldn't do it, and are basically just PLAIN THICK. Nothing short of dynamite will move *** like these. Lousy drivers who have no driving skills or consideration for other road users whatsoever.

No wonder the M5 has so many accidents!!
35000 an year, are you a pilot Koiman?

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Middle Lane Driving Laws – Poll

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