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user manuals...out of date?

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joko | 01:50 Wed 13th Oct 2010 | Motoring
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i am tryingto find a user manual/handbook for my car...a vw passat auto estate 2002

i have located one online but it is dated 1997-2001...

i have been struggling for a while to find the right one - so would this one be worth getting?
how different will the cars be?

will it be generally the same manual, save for a few changes - or a vastly different one

its probably going to be cheap so is it worth a punt?



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There should not be a lot of difference, from mid 2001 the main difference were to new headlights, tail lights bumpers and body trim. So all major issues should be as they were.
I found some for sale but they are expensive. I know nothing about cars so I hope they are the correct manuals.


or maybe you will find one here -

Good luck.
Might be worth asking on VW specific forums such as this:
A lot of car companies have free dowloadable PDF Drivers handbooks, Mine does.

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user manuals...out of date?

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