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Driving licence help

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hammerman | 17:17 Thu 07th Oct 2010 | Motoring
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My old paper licence has been virtually destroyed. Im just filling out the application for a photo licence and was wondering if i need to send proof of ID (passport) with the application if i send the old licence back as well (or what's left of it !!!)

many thanks



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For gawds sake don't send your passport. They're good enough at loosing your old license.
If you apply by post, using the D1 'application for a driving licence', write your nine digit passport number and your signature in the 'confirming your identity' section of the D1 form.
Take a photocopy of your paper licence showing the group entitlement.

DVLA have been know to 'lose' groups on issue of a new licence and then claim that they have no record so the only way to get the group back si to re-take the relevant driving test.
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Pretty sure i've got a digital passport so i can do it all online. Trouble is, wife has put passport in a "safe" safe, she can't find it !!!!
I thought the picture of yourself you have to supply has to be signed on the back and declared as a true likeness of you
If you supply a digital passport number the DVLA will use the photo held by the Passport Office, in which case you do not need a certified photo, whereas unless you send in a non digital passport, you photo will need to be certified.

The following link shows what other documents are acceptable if you cannot supply a current passport:
A first photocard licence still requires a photo to be sent with the application - the digital passport number allows DVLA to confirm your identity without the physical passport needing to be sent also.
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I stand to be corrected but i don't think that's the case ABerrant. I've read through all the notes now and it's not said that at all.
I took that information straight from Section 5 of the INF1D...

"Part A – Digital UK passport holders only.

If you are giving your permission for us to contact the Identity and Passport Service, do not send us your digital UK passport. However, you will still need to provide a photo if this is your first photocard licence or if you wish to change your current photo."

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Driving licence help

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