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Where other than my Drivers Licence can i find my 'Driver Number'?

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kinks123 | 09:40 Thu 15th Jul 2010 | Motoring
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Sorry peeps i realise that this isnt really a Motoring Q, but I guessed this may be tyhe best place to post this.
Ive recieved a 'notice o intended prosecution' for speeding (37 in a 30)-the second time for speeding in around 8 months (these will be my first and only 2 driving offences). I need to provide my 'Driver Number' which i assume i find on my driving licence but the problem is I lost it and have yet to replace it-also i need the photograph on it remnewing and to change my address of it!!! -Im quite lazy so im just about to do this but need to send back the section 172 statement in order to confirm i was driving (and in hope that i will be offered a speed awareness course). I wont get my licence back in time to keep within the 28 days of sending the statement back. Anyone have any idea of how to get hold of my Driver Number without my licence? Anyone have any experience of requesting this from the DVLA?
Sorry above is tad longwinded guys


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That is the only way you can get your details +a replacement licence Kinks.
The new licences are in two parts,one plastic with photo,the other paper.
This is called the counterpart licence.
If you still have this,your Driver Number is shown,top right.
you cant get a new one over the phone if you are changing address.

But if you have a recent passport you can apply only for the new one with new address. I did mine last year and it was back very quickly, certainly within 2 weeks
sorry that should read "you can apply online for the new one "
As a side issue, you wo'nt get offered a speed awareness course if you did one for the first offence. When did you pass your test? Get 6 points within 2 years of getting a full licence and you go back to provisional licence status.
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Thanks everyone for the replies-I finally got through to a human and they actually confirmed my Driver Number over the phone-which i didnt expect but was great. North Star-I wasnt offered/didnt complete a speed awareness course the first time and Ive been driving 11 years-so here's hoping its an option they give me! Cheers again peeps!
OK - then be aware that not all police authorites offer SAC and even if they do, it is 'their' decision to offer one rather than your right to demand one.

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Where other than my Drivers Licence can i find my 'Driver Number'?

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