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Do you need the personal touch?

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AB Editor | 12:26 Fri 06th Aug 2010 | Motoring
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Buying car insurance is undoubtedly one of the least enjoyable parts of motoring. As such, how do you prefer to go about purchasing it? Do you like the speed and detached nature of buying online? Or do you feel the need to speak to someone on the phone? Or is it even preferred to visit a insurance broker in person and sort out your car insurance that way?


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How do you like to buy your car insurance?

  • Online - 10 votes
  • 67%
  • Over the Phone - 4 votes
  • 27%
  • In Person - 1 vote
  • 7%

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i generally search online for Car & Motorbike insurance to find the best price, then check what is covered etc, after that i prefer to finish by phoning if possible to get my card details taken over the phone, & ask any question i may have before paying,
on a few occasions when i have rang the insurers the price goes up (£50 with Barclays)
so didn't go with them.
It seems that generally i have to change insurers every year with the Car, but this years bike quote could not be matched within £40 - i only paid £84 fully comp on a 600cc - result!!!
Although you have to be cautious on-line searching for Quotes are in the Byers advantage, there are hundreds to chose from & a lot will work against an other for you business, the days are long gone when you are loyal to insurance comp's, all they are interested in is ripping you off, so do the right thing & search the web.
What do you mean, no?

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