insurance for previously banned drivers

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12thPaladin | 02:47 Thu 24th Jun 2010 | Motoring
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In 2008 I was stopped for a random test very early one morning on a 125cc bike whilst on the way to work at 05:00
Yeah, the morning after...
The breath test showed I was just over. Enough for a prosecution, mandatory ban and a criminal record.
The magistrate was lenient and I incurred the minimum penalty but failed to attend the drink drive rehab course that was suggested to me as it would have cost hundreds of pounds and take more time than I could get from work. The fact I did not participate in that course is on DVLA record.
Applying for a new license now will cost well over a hundred pounds but I'm more concerned with the cost of insurance for a 125cc moped / bike on a provisional license.
I've contacted a few brokers for a ball park figure on a budget little no thrills commuter but apparently my details don't seem to sit right with them so no quotes (or even an idea) of how much it's likely to set me back.
Any idea?


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insurance for previously banned drivers

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