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laguna 2002 knocking/rattle??

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anthony25 | 18:42 Mon 21st Jun 2010 | Motoring
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still cant find where knocking noise is coming from at the front left somewhere checked shocks springs its had new drop links new track rod ends etc bottom arms look fairly new too...other problem there is a rattle noise coming from the rear somewhere when i go over bumps sounds bit like when the exhaust sheilds loose but thats all fine and when i go over bumps or potholes the back end hops about etc jacked rear up today checked the rear shocks and at the top where the bolt goes through i can sort of move it slightly from side to side if i wigle it thats the same on both sides do need new shocks no idea about subframe bushes i know they arent cheap any way i can check these to see if they are naffed no play in rear wheels when standing or jacked as iv grabbed on them tugged them up and down side to side etc


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Renault's used to have a large rotating bush that connected the strut lower end to the upper wishbone bar/pivot. This was a symptom. If the knocking is when driving, and changes with the amount lock on the steering, you probably have a CV joint gone.
If rear end hopping about and you have checked other bushes, take dampers off and check 'em.
You get through some cars, don't you? Mondeo .. Vectra ... Laguna!
I can only assume you flog a few.
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hey there long time no see albags cant for love or money find the rattle at the back though it happens when i go over bumps or potholes all i hear is..a clatter ive checked heat sheild and exhaust??????..renault laguna dynamique 2002???

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laguna 2002 knocking/rattle??

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