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Has Driving Had The Fun Sucked Out Of It?

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AB Editor | 11:09 Mon 21st Jun 2010 | Motoring
10 Answers

Has the thrill of driving been dampened by higher costs or the green agenda for you?


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Has the thrill of driving been dampened by higher costs or the green agenda?

  • No it hasn't, although it has affected the my choice of vehicle or the journeys I take. - 9 votes
  • 38%
  • No, it hasn’t. I still love my car and enjoy driving for driving's sake. Running costs and green issues don't affect my choice - 9 votes
  • 38%
  • Yes, it has. High fuel prices and car tax have spoilt my enjoyment of motoring. - 5 votes
  • 21%
  • Yes, it has. The damage my car does to the environment makes me enjoy driving less. - 1 vote
  • 4%

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I wonder if a 5.5Litre is enough, perhaps I should get one of the 8 litre Dodge Vipers!
I have always enjoyed driving but funnily enough not on motorways as I find them boring. With the introduction of SatNavs it makes driving more pleasurable as you can choose a distant destinatinion, choose the shortest route and be guided along single track leafy lanes and enjoy the countryside to its full especially in the Summer weather. If time is not a necessity I would reccommend it.
Skyline driver.
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The driving is still as good as ever but it is my wallet that has taken the knocks. When I had my first car I couldn't get £2 of petrol in the tank. Saturday I half filled the tank at a cost of £40. I try not to look yoo long at the cost when I pay. Grown people crying is not a good look
I have stated this before, it is not the motorist that has the know how to produce a product for his / her car to run on it's the likes of BP / Shell Etc, we have no choice, but the petrolium comp's DO have the ability to produce cleaner NON ENVIROMENT HARM Products.
No ! I drive a motor bike!
Both me and my wife drive boring cars. Small engined little boxes. Not because we think we're doing the world a favour by being more 'green' than other motorists (the very idea that a car can be 'green' is absurd anyway) but because we think there are better things to spend our hard earned money on. Such as holidays and extraordinary experiences (skydiving, scuba diving off the Austrian coral reef, etc.) – the things that make life worth living.

I pity people who spend thousands and thousand of pounds on ludicrously powerful cars that can get from nought to sixty in under 5 or 6 seconds. Why on earth would you want to do this on the road? Unless you're very, very wealthy, having a hugely powerful and expensive car just makes you a bit inadequate and pathetic (in my opinion).

If I want to drive at mad speeds, I go to an outdoor kart track (Three Sisters in Wigan) and drive a twin engined, 70mph kart. It's fantastic and it also helps to level the playing field with other drivers. The number of guys who turn up in big powerful cars thinking that they can drive well precisely because they are able to afford a big powerful car is astonishing. The reality is that the most of these people aren't particularly good at driving fast, braking adequately or anticipating corners correctly.

Not surprisingly, when these people fail to win, spin off or crash, it's never their fault... it's either someone else's fault or it's a faulty kart...
less demand on fuel = fewer oil rigs & less pollution.
If I want to take my family shopping to the nearest shoppinf centre, we have to catch two buses there and back, including walking this trip would take at best an hour, there are four of us and each bus costs £2 per person so a total cost of £32 and two hours travelling.

By car 20 minutes there and back, £2 parking fees, less than a litre of petrol. Until economics change it the car for me

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Has Driving Had The Fun Sucked Out Of It?

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