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Do You Pay More For Your Car Insurance Renewals?

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AB Editor | 15:33 Fri 04th Jun 2010 | Motoring
28 Answers

Recently a member of the AnswerBank team found themselves faced with a renewal quote for their car insurance which was More Expensive than their previous premium. This is despite an additional year of No Claims Bonus and a completely clean driving licence.


Have any AnswerBankers faced a similar renewal hike, and what did you do when faced with it?


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Have you received a renewal quote which is greater than your previous quote?

  • I have unfairly received a more expensive renewal quote - 23 votes
  • 88%
  • I have never been quoted more for renewing my car insurance - 3 votes
  • 12%

If you have a received a renewal quote increasing your premium, what did you do about it?

  • I changed insurer - 18 votes
  • 69%
  • I argued the price down with my insurer - 5 votes
  • 19%
  • I paid up to avoid hassle - 3 votes
  • 12%

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Not only do insurance premiums go up due to inflation but also to cover the extra costs brought about by claims caused by uninsured drivers and 'ambulance chaser' no win no fee companies pushing people to exaggerate injuries such as whiplash, together with the number of 'staged' accidents leading to fraudulent claims.

Quinn has only recently been given permission to quote again in the UK and will not be competitive unless they are eventually sold by the administrators.
I have been with Swintons for 6 years and every year they increased my payment. Every year I went up and said if they can't reduce it I will go else where. Isn't it funny how they can reduce it when you complain. I came out this year paying £25 less than last year.
okay, update! I've taken insurance with Axa paid in one lump sum and it was £309, rather than the £603 with Esure. I also got an independent Recovery service for £40.

I've saved £250!
Despite no claim my original of £500 (with an insurance company i thought i could genuinely trust )shot up to £800 minimum everywhere - didn't know we had HyperStag Inflation in UK
Eventually at 11th hour got it to £500 again
I have never stayed with the same company for more than 1 year, they always quote a lot higher than shopping around.They get a lot of repeat business from people who just can't be bothered to try other places and just pay up.
This time I am insured through my local High Street broker, I looked online and got the cheapest quote then took a print out to them, they instantly matched it and dropped another £25 off.
I'm now starting to look for this years quotes, I am retired now and it looks like quotes are cheaper.
On the question of insurance, has any one else noted that what car you drive seems to make very little diffrence to the price ?
I am thinking of getting another car and looked at insurance cost. There is only £50 a year diffrence between a group 18 car and a group 3 car. This is for a 60 year old male with max no claims.I suppose it is a reflection of the fact that the main cost is 3rd party injury that is not influenced by what car the insured drives..
Esure put my husband's insurance up from high 200s to mid 400s with no claims etc.
He changed to Aviva and got a cashback as well!
I've been driving since 1975 and never been in an accident that was my fault, still only get the same maximum no claims as someone who has been driving 7 years, bllody unfair, I'm paying £170 a year still.

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Do You Pay More For Your Car Insurance Renewals?

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