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Replacing a bulb....Cost

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derrynoose | 11:25 Fri 04th Jun 2010 | Motoring
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I was speaking to a mechanic recently who told me that the advice from VW is that the labour costs associated with the replacing of a front bulb in the new Polo will be in excess of one hour. Can this really be true?


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Could possibly be!

Although not a VW Polo, in the handbook for my car, it advises you to take the car to a Renault garage to have a light bulb changed as it is so difficult to do yourself! (My brother tried on his, and took him and my uncle 3.5 hours, and my uncle is a mechanic!)
quite feasable, I don't know about a polo specifically but some cars have to have the whole light taken out to replace the bulb.
My Megane has to have the car lifted and the wheel removed, never mind the light taking out!
yep, quite common bumpers off, headlamps removed, underwing shields removed all sorts of options on modern vehicles for gaining access to the h/lamp hours labour is quite feasable.
Renault's have a problem with this, it is true, but not VW's I think.
Here is a comparison between a VW Golf and a Renault Megane.
New Focus is same : ) Access is ridiculous these days with more techno stuff in the engine bay, and coupled with lower bonnet lines.
A few years ago, i needed to replace a headlamp bulb on a Vauxhall Zafira.
I happened to pass a Vauxhall dealer, so got the bulb there.
In the owner's handbook, there is even a diagram accompanying the simple instruction " turn the bulb holder anticlockwise and remove". This diagram bore little or no relation to what was actually there.
In short, it took a Vauxhall mechanic, with my help, about 3/4 of an hour to replace it.
To even get access to the rear of the bulb holder meant removing the entire indicator/side light module, plus several parts of the air intake system, inter alia.

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Replacing a bulb....Cost

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