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motorcycle chase

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ickleseamus | 08:32 Fri 04th Jun 2010 | Motoring
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i took my bike out for test drive after doing some work on it it has no insurance tax or mot police pulled me over and told me to turn off engine i did a runner and got away bike has number plates not heard from them how long before they give up


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This never happened, did it! Are you imagining things up and then spreading the stories to make yourself look cool?
if it had number plates then they would have contacted you by now. Dont you want bike back or did you bike away and not run?
How long ago was this supposed to have happened ?
Question Author
happened on wednesday lunch time did a runner on the bike
surely if its registered in your name then its unlikely to take Sherlock Holmes to find you?
Bo11ocks did it.....
Question Author
thought myself they would be round by now
See that black Ford LTD parked outside your house? CIA that is.
And you think after 45 hours they'll have decided to give up ?

I'd keep an ear out for your doorbell, if I were you.................
seamus, theres a SWAT team en-route to yours now
it not a swat team, its me and i'm dangerous, i'd do another runner i i were you....
Question Author
i asked a question if you don`t know the answer say nothing
Excuse us, Mr snippy !!!!

We aren't the ones illegally riding an illegal vehicle and then doing a runner from a Police officer who has rightly stopped you !
they will never "give up".
They won't give up.
Look mate. You come on here and spout broccoli about legging it from the old bill, because you were a master criminal riding your scooter with tax or insurance, then lecture us?

On the off chance that you are not a massive liar; then I hope the Police catch you, crush your bike and ban you, then chuck in a fine as well.

However, my money is on this never happening, and the closest you get to motorbikes is on an xbox
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motorcycle chase

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