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Which kind of drivers do you think pose most risk to others?

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AB Editor | 09:50 Mon 15th Mar 2010 | Motoring
63 Answers
We all know that the open road can be a joy to drive - yet the key component of this statement is "open". When faced with everyone we have to share the nation's roads with we may feel differently about "the joy of driving". Some are rude and others are quite frankly dangerous. With this in mind, which driver "type" do you think poses the most risk to others?

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Which kind of drivers do you think pose most risk to others?

  • Young drivers - 52 votes
  • 37%
  • Elderly drivers - 29 votes
  • 20%
  • Lorry drivers - 27 votes
  • 19%
  • Male drivers - 9 votes
  • 6%
  • Women drivers - 8 votes
  • 6%
  • Van drivers - 6 votes
  • 4%
  • 4x4 drivers - 6 votes
  • 4%
  • Motorbike/moped riders - 5 votes
  • 4%
  • Learner drivers - 0 vote
  • 0%

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I reckon professional drivers are the worst!!

They drive like they're the only ones who should be there, act like the rules of the road don't apply to them, and think that accidents only happen to other people.
nervous drivers are the worst. those that sit too close to the wheel (they'll be in huge trouble if the airbags blow), with a death-like grip on the steering wheel.
Young Drivers who have only just passed their Test have a tendency to 'Put their Foot down', showing off and driving too fast. Too many youngsters are dying on our roads as a result.
young boys
looks like it's a close thing between the old gits and the young boy racers! I went for the old people but it was a close thing.
I went for old people as well.....
R1, I always go for the old drivers, too.. they can never catch up with me after I've cut them up ;o)
I ran some numbers on the figures a year or two ago.

It rather depends on the exact question you ask.

In absolute terms young people are the biggest risk but if you ask how many accidents per mile people have you find that people over 70 become a much bigger risk especially women over 70

Because they drive a lot less.

Of course Insurance companies don't do limited milage insurance all that often so they don't really care, they're interested in the total risk not the risk per mile
There's a hairdressers opposite my house that tends to just serve old ladies. Watching them park is painful. So painful I feel like going out and doing it for them.
And that's another point

If you are only interested in accidents that cause personal injury you'll get a different answer than if you include all the parking knocks and bumps

Depends on what you mean by risk
I would rather come across a doddery old lady than an aggressive man behind the wheel.
Should have had Taxi Drivers on the poll. Should see some of them where I live. They view Traffic Lights as suggestions. Not to mention the state of some of the cars - broken headlights/taillights..
1 - Young men. 17 is far too young to let children drive.
2 - Old people (if I see a Rover with the driver in a hat I give them a very very wide berth).
3- Nervous drivers.
4 - Women in 4x4s on the school run. They have no concept of the width of their cars.
5 - Taxi Drivers. In my town they act like the local mafia and believe they own the roads.

By far the best drivers are motorcyclists.
oh, and please AB Editor, don't lump motorbike riders and moped riders together. There is no comparison.
European LHD lorry drivers,no end of fatals caused by driving on the wrong side or even doing U turns on dual,carraigeways..
flip_flop is right regarding motor cyclists.When I see one behind me I pull to the left to help them past.This is always acknowledged by a sweep of the hand. Try to help any other driver to pass usually results in stamping on the brakes because they've pulled back in too tight.
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Its been proven that young males make the worst drivers. This is reflected in their high insurance rates.
You forgot the category for 'male drivers of German cars'

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