11 points on my provisional licence

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GH12 | 15:34 Sat 06th Mar 2010 | Motoring
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i have stupidly obtained ll points on my provisional licence. If i get further points I will automatically be banned. My question today is if I do get further points on my provisional licence will my licence come back clean after I have done my ban or will any points over the 12 points still remain on my licence.
I have been a total idiot.


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They will still be on there.

I wouldn't want to insure a car in your position...
they will still be there but if you can get 11 points as a learner how do you expect to pass your test?
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The offence code and penalty points will be shown on your driving licence and must stay there for four or eleven years depending on the offence.
jeez, I hope you don't live in my area!
Ah as I understood it you'd have no points but would have endorsement code tt99 on your licence for 4 years following the ban.. is this not correct?
There are two issues of which you need to be aware and they are entirely separate.

Firstly there is the matter of the “totting up” rule. If you commit another offence which attracts penalty points within three years of the date of this recent offence you will be liable to a mandatory six month disqualification. You may be able to argue that “exceptional hardship” will follow if you are banned, but if this is unsuccessful you will be disqualified and your points total will revert to zero when your licence is returned.

Secondly, there is the “new drivers’ regulations”. These say that if you are awarded six or more points within two years of passing your test then your full licence is revoked and you will revert to provisional status, meaning that you must take both parts of your driving test again. For the purposes of this rule any points you gained before passing your test count towards the total. Since you already have eleven points this means that any offence you commit within two years of passing your test will mean you revert to provisional status. Also for these purposes the eleven points do not “expire” after three years as they do for the totting up rule. If you gain any points within two years of passing your test, even if you pass your test in ten years time, your full licence will be revoked.

There is no appeal against the revocation process for new drivers. It is done automatically by the DVLA when they learn of the driver’s conviction from the courts.
And to confirm what oldhamfan has said, although your points tally will revert to zero, the "endorsement" on your licence will remain for four or eleven years, depending on the offence(s).
Come on then.

For our amusement, how does a provisional licence holder amass 11 poins?
lol i swear on my life that it was on Traffic cops sometime in past week or so (sky channel or UKTV?) and a guy stopped in his 40's deff and hed got im sure no less than 30 POINTS....WITH A PROVISIONAL LICENCE due to amount of bans/ect

Was deffo another thing for a good laugh
A provisional licence holder can accumulate eleven points in the same way as a full licence holder can, PB.

It is not until after they pass their test that the “six point” rule comes into play. Then the eleven points already gained count for these purposes. It does not mean that the full licence is revoked as soon as it is gained, but if any further points are gained within two years of passing the test then revocation will occur.

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11 points on my provisional licence

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