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Have you experienced problems when taking your vehicle to a garage?

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AB Editor | 22:10 Wed 17th Feb 2010 | Motoring
23 Answers

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  • No, never. I use the same garage which I trust. - 14 votes
  • 40%
  • Yes, I believe that unnecessary work has been completed on my car. - 13 votes
  • 37%
  • Yes, I believe I've been overcharged. - 8 votes
  • 23%

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I only use garages for Mot's, but I would advise people that do not know much about cars to take heed! you included Dot even though you seem to get a lot of stick about your battery.
yes on 2 occasions
the 1st was my daughters car went in for mot after i paid someone to fit new front discs on the front wheels
when the car went in for mot they changed the front disc again or so they say needless to say i have never dealt with that company again
the 2nd my own car i had a problem with the windscreen washer
the bottle was leaking the rubber seal was inside the bottle hence the leak
and the garage tried saying it was a choked filter that was the problem
excuse me for being thick but the car sits at work 5/6 days a week without being moved and they try saying i put the wrong washer fluid in the bottle when I hardly used the washer and the car at the time was 7 months old
both companies are supposed to be reputable companies
Bob, do not call yourself THICK, there are a lot of thick people on here including myself, we all make mistakes in one way or another.

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Have you experienced problems when taking your vehicle to a garage?

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