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Have you experienced problems when taking your vehicle to a garage?

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AB Editor | 22:10 Wed 17th Feb 2010 | Motoring
23 Answers

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  • No, never. I use the same garage which I trust. - 14 votes
  • 40%
  • Yes, I believe that unnecessary work has been completed on my car. - 13 votes
  • 37%
  • Yes, I believe I've been overcharged. - 8 votes
  • 23%

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'I've believe I've been'
'....that unnecessary work completed on my car'
I won't go into the grammar of the last option..
time or some more revisions?
I know this will sound cheeky and sarcastic, but when you applied for the job of editor, did they actually ask you to edit anything as a test?
OK i'll back off cos you'll be able to revise your editorial mistakes anyway, unlike us mere peasants
Are you feeling better, dot, did the battery acid work last night?
hey snags, I ain't the blessed editor though but!
I guess if you're going to take the p!ss you should at least be able to speel yourself...
I am very,very lucky in having a garage that we know and trust.For the last M.O.T the car only needed a breather pipe and they did it for free.There are not many mechanics around like this place(so we gave them a couple of crates of beer this Christmas shhh!)
I've been proper fed up all day at work, it's half term and the little bas.....darlings were everywhere grrrrr. I need more beechams hotlemon blackcurrent
ordinarily snags, but o am not taking the p1ss i am openly criticising the continued lack of editorial attention to detail, lol, basically shoddy
I moved and found the local MOT centre to be a bunch of conmen, after another useless MOT from another conman who invented problems I have finally found a place who is not trying to extract the urine and more importantly who does not want a poke in the eyeball.
One garage told me I needed to change the coolant as the antifreezewasn't up to standard.

I didn't get them to change it.

I got a phone call from the manager as his mechanic had left the antifreeze tester under my bonnet.

Before returning it I tested the antifreeze, and lo and behold the tester showed it to be in perfectlly good condition.
I took went to the 'big garage that everyone uses on the main road' for a quote to have a split CV gaitor replaced, they quoted me £110 parts and labour. I thought that was wayyy too much, so I went and visited friendly little single-outlet garage, they quoted me £55 P/L - and they did an excellent job.
I think a lot (but not all) of them are bl00dy scammers and will 'have' you if they can.
while waiting for MOT a friendly bloke said "come to my house". Think I missed out on free MOT ?
Its a well known fact that where you sometimes see an MOT under cost price they are really trying to get work sometimes unnecessary.
I go to a centre that only do MOT they do not do repairs it costs me £50 he will only fail it when there is a real problem, you have that fixed else where and only that, take it back and pass, not this crap were you keep getting phone calls saying this and that is wrong, just one big con,in saying that he as not failed my car for the last 3 years so even at £50 a time i've saved buckets, and just to bear in mind you my think £50 a time is expensive he told me this is the least you can work on for MOT so anyone who charges you half that price intends to screw you on repairs, ( ie) fail your car
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My brother used Kwik Fit quite a few years ago, and the wheel fell off on the way home!

They had fitted the nuts by hand, but forgot to tighten them.

However I believe they have changed hands a couple of times since, and are better run these days (I still won't go there though)
I think a lot of people forget that a larger garage has bigger overheads and usually higher wages.This is reflected in the price you're charged. The"small man round the corner" can, and usually does, undercut the big garages.
Hi Ed,

Not for a long time now, as we found a great garage near us and they do all the servicing and MOT's for our cars.....they're very honest and will only ever do what needs to be done to the car, and advise on what needs to be done shortly, if anything.

Have been ripped off once or twice before but you tell them there and then, and not recommend them anymore.....word of mouth gets around especially if you drop a line to the local newspaper, and they lose out in the they get the're just desserts.

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