Applying for a Provisional Moped License aged 16

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katieb73 | 14:21 Mon 15th Feb 2010 | Motoring
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My son turns 16 in April and we are trying to find out what is the earliest date he can apply for his provisional license??? Ideally he would like to do his CBT on his 16th birthday, but we are having trouble finding any info regarding the earliest he can apply for the license, many thanks in advance!


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You could apply for it now to make sure he has it before his birthday. Of course it won't be valid until he is sixteen.
Apply here:
Or you could realise what you are doing......and stop.

If you get him a moped, then he will either a) become a nuisance, or b) become a casualty.

A better course of action might be to buy him a non-running car for his 16th. Let him have a year getting it road-legal and running, take him onto private land and let him drive it, and generally get him ready for driving proper. Then when he's 17 let him drive properly.
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Thanks for that bobjugs, I have a motorbike and so does my husband, my brother and my nephew. We are not nuisances and I really hope he will not become a casualty, he is a sensible lad and wants to go to college and in order to do that in September needs transport. He is fully aware of the risks. I found your comment to be unfair and unkind.
It's also completely unrelated to the question. The question was when can we apply for the licence not please judge me and my son. I hate these self-righteous replies.
I agree, i am a 16 ear old moped rider and we are NOT all d!ck heads, half the time, its other road users that are the problem, they have no respect for people using mopeds, some of us are sensible and just use the moped to make our own way to college or work, we might be a bit slow but don't judge all of us because you have seen one or 2 idiots on mopeds, we are not all the same!!!
You wanna spend a while on a bike bob then you'd learn road craft. I bet you're one of those sanctimonious Jarthurs who are a bl00dy nuisance on the road. Personally I reckon it should be compulsory for able bodies drivers to do some time on a bike, there'd be less accidents guarenteed.
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My faith in human nature restored....Thanks guys for your POSITIVE responses about bikers. We all have to start somewhere, and as oldham fan says it wasn't even an answer to my question, just sanctimonious blah blah blah! You may also like to know that the majority of accidents are caused by car drivers not bikers. We are not all thrill seeking n0b heads who take ridiculous risks, quite often we just need to get to work! Not everyone can afford to run a car!
As above ! You haven't lived until you experience the joy of riding a M/bike or scooter.

Pleasure to be of service, I hope your son has many years happy motoring.

One of Bob's other helpful replies to someone whose Rover wouldn't start was to set fire to it.

It is probably just a pre-pubescent teenager who thinks he is being funny.
I had a Rover once. I wish I had set fire to it.

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Applying for a Provisional Moped License aged 16

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