cost of repairing/replacing seat belt

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mildwin | 19:48 Tue 14th Jul 2009 | Motoring
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Renault Clio Grande W reg. Rear passenger side seat belt does not lock or retract, therefore not of any use at all! MOT next week, guessing it will fail on that? How much am I looking at to repair it or replace it? Thanks


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Hi Mildwin, tap the locking device first of all, then put in some WD40 & try to re-enter the belt, try this a few times, some scrap yards charge to replace the whole unit as one, to remove & replace these days you are talking with a scrap yard part with someone to do the job for you within �50. if you can do the job yourself all well and good, when you have done the job, CHECK & RE-CHECK the tightness of each bolts.
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Thanks. I tapped & fiddled around it with again, re-entered the belt & this time it seems to have done the trick. It retracted and then when I pulled hard on it it did actually lock in position. So I am hoping that it is now ok. Thanks for the advice, I'm hoping you have saved me some money on MOT!
Hi, that's good, Its worth spraying some WD40 into the lock Me ch then wrap a rag around it for a couple of hrs until it clears the surplus.
furnature polish works as well
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Thanks for all comments. Car passed MOT, no problems with the seatbelt so I am happy!

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cost of repairing/replacing seat belt

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