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Immobiliser fob!

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Jackson74 | 17:33 Tue 30th Sep 2008 | Motoring
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Sorry if long-winded, I asked a Question about an immobiliser fob (well I think that's what they call it?) on my Vitara about 2 months ago. Basically the car wouldn't start without it, as this thing needed to be on the with my car key on the keychain for it to work. I tried it without this fob on both keys and the key would turn but didn't start car.
Well, I've only gone and lost a set with fob and car won't start with my spare as it is on its own. I spoke with Suzuki and they said I would have to take my car (which I can't unless towed) in and program my spare key for about �80.00

MY questions are these, 1: Because the car started with this key before(+ fob), is this key programmed already and the fob is some sort after sales non-suzuki one manufactured elsewhere and could I replace this instead 2: Could I contact RAC and get them to take car to Suzuki free of charge if I tell them I have lost my key? 3. Is �80.00 cheap for this service of programming a key? 4: Can I not just disconnect this immobiliser somewhere on the car?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!??



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The RAC would probably tow it for you especially if you have home start, the immobilliser is wired in from when the car was made so I bet you'll never disconnect it and �80 doesn't sound all that bad especially if it's a main dealer...
My Vauxhall key broke some time ago (I`d lost the spare some years ago). I had a plain one cut for �5, put it on the keyring with the chipped fob & it works, although I do have to vary how I hold the two together sometimes to start. I recently went to a Vauxhall dealer with the key, number & code no. He said I neede to show the V5 logbook & it would cost about �38 & take a couple of days to get. He suggested using a mobile locksmith who would visit, cut, programme & cost about �30 plus. Ask for a quote. I`ve seen High Street key cutters offering programmed keys, not sure bhow much they charge though.

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Immobiliser fob!

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