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Why is my car jerking when wet?

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naylor1401 | 15:00 Tue 30th Sep 2008 | Motoring
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Hi, I have a problem and wondering if someone could help. The problem is, when its raining or damp outside and my car has been stood for a few hours, when i start it up, it struggles starting, then when it gets running, its stuttering in effect like fuel isn't being pumped through properly. Could it be rain/water getting in the air flow system and being pumped through?




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I had this problem a few years ago.
With me it was damp getting into the HT leads causing one of the spark plugs to misfire.
I replaced the HT leads and the distributor cap (about �20 but this was a few years back ) the problem vanished straight away. Hope this helps
Hi Peter, lift up your bonnet & spray WD40 over the HT Leads/cap if your car has one, this should prevent dampness in the electrics.
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hi there scrap the car naylor
It would be easier to answer your question if you didn't keep your car details so secret.

not many newer cars have HT leads.

Ignore the last silly answer.
-- answer removed --

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Why is my car jerking when wet?

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