Will the DVLA answer questions over the phone??

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freshfruit | 19:51 Sat 23rd Aug 2008 | Motoring
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Ok, my silly Polish girlfriend has got in a panic. We we're driving along the motorway today through roadworks with a 50mph limit. It's one with an average speed check and she was going at 70 so I told her to slow down. Anyway it turns out she didn't realise how the average speed check works and she's been doing this every day for some time. (maybe 2 months) She moved around 3 months ago and she forgot to change the address details with the DVLA so basicaly she is now worried that she may have acrued a lot of fines and she's unaware if she's in trouble which is stressing her.

Question is... is it possible to check with the DVLA and ask if there are any outstanding fines over the phone?? or any other way than waiting for the royal mail? and anyway to do so without admitting that you forgot to change address?? as thats an offence in itself! Any help would be much appreciated because she's not a happy bunny :(


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The main reason for the speed limit is to protect the workforce, when you get clowns like your girlfriend going above the limit they deserve everything they get she would have been very unhappy if she would have hit a motorway workman that trying to do his job in a safe manner. Back to your Q NO.
as long is it doesnt breach the Data Protection Act
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RoaldoM, that's what I thought.. there would be no way to prove it was you. and TWR I completely agree, I'm not trying to condone it, but in this case it is more her being blonde and stupid than reckless. ignorance is no excuse tho,as they say.
If as you put it she has acrued fines she will also have got 3 points per offence. If she has 12 points she will get a ban or if she only passed her test under 2years ago she will have her licence revoked by the DVLA until she has re-taken her test. She should inform the DVLA of her change of address before she gets into even more trouble

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Will the DVLA answer questions over the phone??

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