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Rover CV gaiter

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johnk | 11:28 Fri 02nd May 2008 | Motoring
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I have to replace the CV gaiter on my Rover. I have heard of gaiters that are split and are wrapped around the gaiter and avoid dismantling the CV joint. Has anyone had any experience of them and where can I get them


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Hi John, for the time it takes, you are better off replacing with the proper CV Gater, I know its a lot of messing about, but the job will be done & finished with then.
The split Gattor is a messy job..Involving Super Glue.

They dont always work...As you need to fill them up with Grease.

My local Garage just changed mine as part of the MOT.
�30.00 total cost.

They put on and Sealed it with the metal band ....The best price i could buy one for was �15...And was attached with Cable ties.

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Thanks everyone, looks like the proper one is the way to go
if you have a couple of hundred pounds

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Rover CV gaiter

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