Touch-up Paint on a Car - and Turps?

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gallapunk | 01:04 Fri 18th Apr 2008 | Motoring
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Hi, just going to try touching up a few dings on the car (for the first time, so went to the local equivalent of Halfords and got the proper colour and primer).

Applied the primer tonight and accidentally smudged it a bit. I think leave it and cover the whole lot with the top coat tomorrow; my bf says get the turps on it. Please tell me ASAP whether this is a good idea cos I can't help feeling it isn't. And if it isn't, please, please, please tell me even more ASAP that it's wrong before he goes and does it tomorrow afternoon (keeps fingers tightly crossed for words of wisdom).


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Don't use TURPS !!!!!!!!!

Use T-Cut, it restores car paintwork.
Most good auto shops sell it, just follow the instructions on the container.
Don't use turps or Tcut, both will leave a residue and any prima or top coat will not stick.

Gently use wet & dry paper to rub out any blemish caused by the smudge, allow to dry then spray some more primer on, when dry apply the top coat.
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NO,she meant me,use some thinners on it and remove it and start again.
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Thanks everyone.
RUB THE SMUDGED PRIMER down with very fine , wet and dry paper...... 1200 guage is very fine wet and dry.... its a little time consuming , when smudge is ruubed out,,,,,, paint another coat (s) ...of primer ....

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Touch-up Paint on a Car - and Turps?

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