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shero101 | 21:42 Sun 02nd Mar 2008 | Motoring
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I have used my Becker sat nav on 3 different cars and noticed that in each case the speed shown on the speedometer was higher by 4mph at 30mph than that indicated on the sat nav (ie speedo =34, satnav = 30 (and it's the same difference at higher speeds)). Now I would have thought that the sat nav would be accurate because it is calculating the speed in real time. Has anyone else noticed this ? What are your thoughts on the accuracy of of sat nav vs. speedo reading ?


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its actually your true speed that the sat nav is reading, all speedos read higher to give a margin for error
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If you want to check your speedo, follow an HGV on a motorway.

With a few exceptions they will be going flat out, and the limiter will hold them at 56mph.

Just ignore the ones that are managing to overtake the rest, they are probably Irish.
My sat nav in my van reads about 10% lower than my actual speed, when I inquired at the place I bought it I was told that's the time the sat nav takes for it to see the satellites above hence it's about 10% lower..

How true this is I don't know....

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Calling Sat Nav users -

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