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BlueScorpion | 12:58 Wed 20th Feb 2008 | Motoring
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I have been told that the law regarding SORN is to change in April, apparently the DVLA will then have the right to seize vehicles which have been declared SORN and kept on local council land (even if this is off the public highway). This would mean that if you live in a council house and need to declare your car off road you cannot then keep it on your drive.

Does anybody know if there is any truth in this

Many Thanks


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I do not think this is true

The DVLA do not have to know where the car is kept
How would they know if a private address is council property or not (I own my house but both neighbours houses are council owned)
What difference would it make to the DVLA if your car is parked on a council drive or an owned one. It is still off the highway.

I know that we are getting closer to a big brother state day by day - but this would be too much - wouldn't it?
From the DVLA website

B. Private land, garages and driveways may be considered
to be off road areas. You may wish to contact the authority
with responsibility for maintenance of the road for
confirmation of its status.

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