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Fuel Filter Problem?

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milly143 | 16:20 Mon 11th Feb 2008 | Motoring
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I have a 2003 mk4 Golf. On some occasions recently I haven't been able to get it to start. It turns over but as soon as you release the key it cuts out. I did run out of fuel about 4 months ago and it happened before this. Could running out of fuel have damaged the filter and would this be causing the problem? The problem doesn't occur all the time. Any other ideas what might be wrong? It is a petrol engine.


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Hi, milly, From what you have said, to me you might have a
(1), Fault with the fuel cut off switch on the caburator, or a
(2),Vacuum leak at the inlet manifold, (3),There might be a loose of faulty electrical connection in the ingnition circuit, (4),A blocked fuel line which is stopping the fuel getting to the caburator,

You don't say if you have a immobiliser on it??
If you do have it checked out!!
Most cars have a �ballast� resistor in series with the ignition circuit. The function of the resistor is to reduce the 12V battery � down to around 8V at the ignition circuit.

When starting the car, this resistor is short circuited by a relay, such that the battery cranking voltage is supplied directly to the ignition circuit. It may be that you have an intermittent contact within the ballast resistor circuit � which is shorted out of circuit when starting the car.

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Fuel Filter Problem?

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