how to reset immobilizer

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robert jambo | 14:15 Sat 05th Jan 2008 | Motoring
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Help! I have parked my car rover 216 Si and after one and half months I tryed to start my car, but I couldn't.When I switched the key on the engine doesn't turn over and there wasn't any noise from the engine, radio doesn't work and the central locking doesn't work with the button but works using the key in the door lock.I have charged the batery, tryed bomp-start and still doesn't want to start. I think that fault is in the immobiliser. I would like to restart it, but I don't know how.I don't have any book from the car. If somebody know to help me, please let me know.Thanks


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What car is it?
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unlock the car turn key to ignition on then shut the door whilst inside. now manually lock the drivers door then unlock it. the central locking system will now have reset the immobiliser. the car will now start
Hi. Assuming the cars battery is ok and that the fault lies with the remote key fob. Try removing the batteries from the key fob, hold down both buttons for 10 seconds(with the batteries still removed). Refit the batteries into the remote and standing by the drivers door press the left hand button on the remote then the right button,do this about 5 times left then right,left then right. This should re-synchronise the remote with the car. Good luck...

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how to reset immobilizer

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