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someonesgirl | 07:55 Sun 16th Sep 2007 | Motoring
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hello AGAIN

i always seem to have something wrong with my Bl**dy car!

Right, the power steering has failed and the red steering wheel light has come on to tell me its not working aswell. I spoke to my sisters friend who works in a garage who said it could cost up to �600 to fix depending on whats wrong with it. This happened friday as i was leaving the work carpark, quite suddenly. then sat i only used the car to drive to the supermarket, now today (sunday) when i got in it to drive to work the light was off and it was back to normal, except after 5 minutes or so it came back on and broke again! (Yes, i had a very brief period of elation). is there fluid in power steering or something that i may be need to top up??

HELP before go mad


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Power steering fluid is very much needed, look under the bonnet for a cap with a steering wheel on it, read the instruction on the bottle of fluid which you purchase at any halfords or car store and top up.
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its not going to blow up or anything then? do you think this could be all it needs? What if its leaking? i saw water type stuff coming out from under my car the other day, but i couldnt see anything dripping so it was hard to tell if it was already there before i parked!
top it up, you'll soon find out if its leaking, place some white card or paper under it.
hi, if your punto has a city button on the dash the the steering is electric rather than hydraulic [fluid] and is maintance free. the motor that assists the steering has its own ECU [brain]. normal practice is to renew both the motor and the ECU which you ca buy from your local fiat dealer as one unit.
make sure the earth connection on the battery is clean and secure sometimes this causes the pump to get a poor earth therefore the electric pas doesnt work. ps the electric pas works off the same ecu as everything else.
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stevie, i think you are right. took it to halfords and asked a little man to tell me where to put fluid and he came up with the same! So can a normal garage fix it? are they likely to do it at kwik fit? and how much do you think it would cost?
hi, i think the part is about �500 and 2 hours work for a reasonly good mechanic but at my work we have a customer with the same problem and according to the partsman at the dealer in glasgow it is on back order as the factory cant keep up with demand with one of his punters still waiting after 2 months. so i would get on to your local fiat dealer and order one asap. stevie. p.s. that was a few weeks ago things may be sorted now. good luck
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hmmm...that sounds like a lot of money for someone whos trying to save as they are having a baby in a month and a half! im presuming from what you've said and what it says in my manual that the car is safe to drive with this broken? Its just harder on the steering, and being as though ive only had it 4 months and my old one (that was stolen) didnt have power steering, its just a luxury that was too good to be true! Every time i save any money, ive had to fork out on something for the car!! How unlucky can one person be?? Last month it was brake discs and pads!! Obviously i want to know that its safe if im gunna be driving around with my baby in it, but i really cant afford to spend that kind of money as thats not even two of my half payments of the mortgage and statutory pay aint gunna cover either! Thanks for your help. i'll just have to hope i win the lottery!
no probs. good luck with the baby.
you may have problems getting it through its next MOT
if a car is fitted with power steering then it must work
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really?? That sucks. Better hope santa brings me a wad of cash then!
I had same problem. Power steering shaft needed replacing - �675 including parts & labour. My car only just out of warranty so persuaded Fiat to make "goodwill" payment. Seems to be a common problem.
Hi there

I no this forum is a few years old now! But incase anyone reads through looking for an answer. I've had the little red light come on and off in my fiat punto 2002 for the last year, the quick fix for me was to just restart the car. However in the last week the little red light came one and this time won't switch off! It's such a simple problem to fix, all you need to do is change the electric steering pump (located directly underneith the steering wheel, about where your knee's sit when your driving!) There are 3 bolts that holt it on, and 2 cables that plug into the ECU. I went down to my local scrapyard matched up another one (ensuring the 4 digit number on the ECU and model number on the actual motor are the same) The replacment pump I bought from the scrapyard cost me £70. I then fitted it onto mine, must have taken me 30 mins at the max. And now its working perfectly, my car knowledge is fairly basic, but its a fairly logical fix. And will save you alot of money!!!! Oh and in reference to the above posts, the fiat puntos with the electric steering motors don't have any power steering fluid, its all managed by the electric pump :)

Hi we have the exact same problem with our car and im pregnant too, ( moneys getting tight)
I have read the post chapperz21 oct2011 and wondered how you fit the ecu as well as the pump part ive looked on Ebay and found the correct pump with correct number on. But trying to save money can this be fitted by my Husband? Is it a simple enough job?
Any advice greatly welcome :)
Hi chapperz21

I need your help.

My car has the same problem with the power steering. I took it to one of the nearby garages and asked them to replace the ECU. The guy told me that The Air Bags would go off if you unbolt the ECU from the steering column and he did not want to do it. Is that true? Please help.
Here we are several years down the line and these Punto problems are still coming to light. I am able to undertake complete Punto diagnostics including the steering system and I stock all Punto MK2/3 power steering system components here in Birmingham, maximum cost of repair is £250 inclusive of parts, labour and lifetime warranty but repairs start at £70. Diagnostic testing is FREE and without obligation. Take a look at for details of these problems and my range of solutions for your Punto power steering problems - and all other Punto issues. I look forward to helping you! Magik Joe (07989 405872)
If you could make your way down to Birmingham I'd highly recommend Magik Joe (previous comment^^). My 11yr old Punto had all the symptoms listed above, so i called him up and went down to get a diagnosis.. His magic laptop said it was a fault with the steering power motor. Half an hour later he replaced it with a new one and it was as good as new, if not even better! All for just £70 quid! Great guy, Great service!
MAGIK JOE is very good , diagnosed and fixed my fiat punto (Power steering) in no time, if you can get to him i would defo recommend him. im lucky as only 10 mins away :) Thanks Joe

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