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Mih | 11:35 Sun 22nd Apr 2007 | Motoring
16 Answers
i have a motorbike


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Woopee doo.
i see we have another idiot joined up.
Mopeds are not motorbikes, no matter how fat back you try to sit nor how much dole money you spend on leathers.
i have a sidecar if yer wanna make me an offer
I have a skateboard.
essex bloke hello hello
I suggest you don't ride it.

Retard + Motorbike = Disaster
Well, Boogaloo for you.
-- answer removed --
I have a brain.......
'MIH' ? that a backward him?
I used to have one. Never would again.

I survived, but apparently some doctors in A and E refer to motorbike casualties as donors.
hello redhead
I have a brand new combine harvester
Well, I know that the upper case is used for the personal pronoun referring to oneself, or have you omitted a bracket after the i, implying you were exhorting everyone to possess a motorbike as the first item on a list of life's essentials, i.e.

i) have a motorbike
ii) ......etc.

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