Is it the head gasket or radiator?

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louise1982 | 18:58 Thu 08th Mar 2007 | Motoring
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Hi. I have a Rover 214 and the other day when I was topping up my car with oil I noticed that one of the pipes leading to the head gasket had a slit in it, so naterally off I went to the garage. They fixed the pipe by replacing it with a new pipe. They also topped up my car with anti freeze and water. The mechanic said that he thinks my head gasket is going but I've had a head gasket blown before in my renault megane and I don't have the top sign where the oil looks like chocolate milkshake. In fact when I check the oil (which I check everyday now) it is nothing but oil that comes up on the dipstick.
I do however need to keep on topping up my water tank and now I have put anti freeze in as well. Today at work before I left as I was walking to my car I noticed a wet patch under my car and it wasn't just the odd drop of water, something is leaking from the engine but I am not a mechanic. Does anyone know this problem?
As for the car driving it is as realiable as it has ever been. I drive on a 60mph road everyday to get to work and do 9 miles there and 9 miles back. The car doesn't bounce down the road (a perfect drive everytime) and no smoke is coming out of the exhaust.
I am thinking that is could be the radiatior that has gone or that is going but as I have said I'm not a mechanic so I would be very greatful if someone would be able to help me out if they know what the problem with my car is.



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He must have something to make him think that, but I have to say the 214 is notorious for head gasket failure.
That's how mine died.
You could have a leak from the water pipes that supply water to the heater but I agree with Button they are notorious for Head gasket failure.
my rover died on me in teh middle of hackney, head gasket......chocolate milkshake is righ, id have thought that teh heat from the engine is heating up the rubber pipes and hardening them up causing them to crack, and leak water (this was another problem of my rover)..........the cost of getting ur head gasket done is well expensive tho...
If you have a wet patch under the car it would suggest that you have a leak so you need to establish which component is directly above the patch (not easy,but if radiator should be fairly obvious) Rovers are well known for head gasket problems but your problem could well be a leaking water pump.Difficult to diagnose without seeing (water pump is driven by cam belt so wet patch would be under engine pulley) Hope this helps.
On the other hand your mechanic might be as pessimistic as us, and have diagnosed purely on the knowledge they are prone to it.

Your description fits more with a water leak. Perhaps the grim reaper has not come for yours yet.
You've probably found out by now but this may help. The others are all possibly right. If the car is a 16valve and later than about 1993 and has a plastic (black) inlet manifold, it could be the inlet manifold gasket leaking. It only does this when the engine is cooling down and will drip towards the back of the engine block on the drivers side. There was a modification available at dealers of a thicker gasket and slghtly longer manifold studs. Takes about an hour to do.

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Is it the head gasket or radiator?

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