Peugoet 206 - New Radiator..possible blown head gasket???

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muchlovex | 14:11 Thu 27th Jan 2011 | Motoring
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Further to my previous post 'Appalling Service - Greenflag Breakdown'. I took my car to my local garage and he said I needed a new radiator as the current one was corroded quite badly and was leaking. That would explain my car overheating.

He advised that it could be that I may have a damaged Head Gasket due to the engine overheating. he said it could overheat again. I've joined the AA by the way, so feel abit more safe.

My question is is how likely that the Head Gasket could be blown. I drove about 10 miles and the engine overheated to almost the red mark on the temperate gauge.

Any advice greatfully received.


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Seems very likely. That will mean also a skim to make it flat again.
Expensive I think.
If you can open the rediator filler and ensure it is fulkl of antifreeze then rev up the engine.
The level will chage but if the head gasket has gone there will be much bubbling too. Also look out for white steam from the exhaust as that also will indacate that water is in the cylinders. Finally see if these is any "mayonnaise" in the oil on dipstick - sure sign of water in there.
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Hi mjwman. I've asked the mechanic to do diagnostic tests on it to see if the gasket has gone.

The radiator needed replaced due to corrosion.

Is it likely that because of driving with overheating engine that it would have blown HG?
If it was "almost the red mark" I'd be surprised if that was enough to warp the head and require a head gasket.

However you could have a blown head gasket causing the water leak in the first place but it sounds as if that was down to your radiator.

There are holes for oil and water and the cylinders in a head gasket

This is what they look like.


Water can get into the oil - this would give you the white sluge mentioned.

Oil could get int the cylinders - this would give you black smoke from the exhaust

Water could get in the cylinders - this would give you white smoke from the exhaust.

A mechanic should do a compression test of the engine to diagnose a suspected head gasket - you should really ask for this to be done before they pull apart your engine and give you a big bill.

I've yet to meet a mechanic who changed a head gasket and then told the customer actually it turned out it didn't need it
Jake is correct ..
A whilke up at the red does not mean it will warp the head or blow the head gasket.
It may on some engines though .. like small aluminium engines like Rover GtA.
Try it with a rad. If it's ok and not thowing water out when hot .. and does not overheat or blow loads of steam out of the tailpipe, all is probably ok.
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thanks for your advice guys. Hopefully the gasket hasn't gone, fingers crossed. I should hopefully know by end of tomorrow.
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Hi guys,
I am pleased to report that I got my car back and the mechanic said the head gasket had not blown. :-))

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Peugoet 206 - New Radiator..possible blown head gasket???

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