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zipadeedodah | 15:47 Thu 20th Jul 2006 | Motoring
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My rear view mirror is "stuck" on to the windscreen by a small rectangular double-sided sticker. I use the word stuck loosely, because it just doesn't stay attached. I make sure both the surfaces are as clean as possible, but within a few days it starts to hang down abit, and within a couple of weeks it will have dropped off. The first hint of any sun (doesn't need to be particularly hot) and it unsticks. Does this happen to anyone else? Any suggestions as to how I can make it stay on?



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Yes happened to me all the time with a previous car. I was constantly buying the sticky pads and making sure everything was clear but as you say a couple of days later it was falling off again.
When I had this trouble, I went to a branch of Autoglass They stuck it properly and made no charge. This is obviously good PR for them, but I don't know if they always do it.

If you look around the car stuff shops you will find a kit especially made for this purpose, if you buy a good one (3M or whatever) and follow the instructions correctly the mirror will be in place for the life of the car.
Pay a visit to any auto glass repair type place and they will sort it for you for next to nothing.
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Thanks for all your replies. Hopefully will get it sorted soon before it completely drives me round the bend!

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