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Is this head gasket or more serious?

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trev.p | 10:00 Mon 01st May 2006 | Motoring
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I have bought a non-running 99 Astra 1.7 Turbo Diesel which has the following symptoms;

Water pipe split under preasure and covered engine bay with dirty water.

Oil in airbox

White smoke comes out the back if trying to tow start, lots of it. Van will splutter but not run.

After trying to tow start, many drops of black oil or diesel were over the boot lid.

Is this a sign of something more serious than say a head gasket?

Should I ditch the engine a just put a new one in?



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Looks like the Turbo oil seals have gone.
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Is that serious? Easy to fix?
White smoke is hot unburnt fuel, usually due to lack of compression, worn rings etc. or is white smoke something to do with a new Pope? Either way you need a rebuild/new Pope by the sound of it.

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Is this head gasket or more serious?

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