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Ceramic Coating For Car

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KittyGlitter | 22:51 Sat 15th Jun 2024 | Motoring
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My car is two months old. Is it worth getting it ceramic coated or is it only worth doing immediately after purchase? Are there any cons to getting it done? Thanks.



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It is worth getting done if your paintwork is in good condition and it is prepared properly before the ceramic coating is applied.

Find the right company and get them to explain exactly what prep work needs doing and the extra charge for that.

Unless you've used the car for rallying or you've been following a road gritter obsessively the paintwork should be in very good condition.

I’ve never heard of a ceramic coating applied to cars, do they attach small ceramic tiles?


Since car bodies have been galvanised and the paints much more durable – in my opinion there is now no need to apply any additional protective coatings to modern cars (including polishing the paintwork).


My current car is 13 years old and the bodywork is in pretty good condition, eventually some repair will be required that far exceeds the car’s value, when it will be scrapped - but it won't be the bodywork.


Prior to manufacturer’s galvanising the vehicle bodywork, you would be lucky if a car lasted 10 years before it rusted away, and some additional protection was highly recommended.

Hymie, we are living in an age where some car owners spend hundreds of pounds getting their cars 'detailed' every few months.

I agree cars are much better than the rust buckets of yesteryear (my 14 year old Hyundai still looks good) but they can still get stone chips, dings and scratches, the paint can still fade.  It is important to some car owners.

You might find that any such treatment to the paint/bodywork invalidates any warranty offered by the manufacturer – after all, if there were found to be some defect (that the manufacturer was willing to take remedial action on), they could justifiably claim that the coating you have had applied now makes this impossible.

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Ceramic Coating For Car

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