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Have I Got Anything To Worry About (Again)

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JinnyJoan | 16:47 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Motoring
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Just after taking the driver's side car mat out to brush it clean as it was full of wee bits and that.

However there is a (don't know how to properly describe it) a depth/hole covered by carpet belonging to the car.


Is that anything to worry about.  Thanks




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you mean a rust hole? Poke it with a screwdriver, does it give way? If so could fail an MOT is deemed structural.

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mot for this car is due next june 2024 but that's beside the point should I contact the dealer 

Is it a shallow area designed to take the car mat?

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no cl - as I did point my finger in and it could have turned into a hole but I was afraid to do that.  god that's all I need

Contact the seller 

take it back

did you do what I said? does it give way? Yes I would contact the dealer especially if it is a rust hole in the floor.

Could it be a floor pan drain hole?  Should be plugged.   Your car should not have rust holes

can you take a picture and post it here? barry says could be the bung hole, should be a rubber gromet in it. Is that missing? Is there and actual hole?

Did you get to the bottom of this,JJ?

Are you happy with the car now?

Is it a heel indent from previous drivers your on about in the carpet? Or a hole in in the carpet plus a hole in the steel floor.

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Have I Got Anything To Worry About (Again)

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