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Petrol Changes

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brainiac | 12:21 Tue 24th Aug 2021 | Motoring
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Is everyone aware that from 1st September the default form of petrol at UK filling stations will be E10, containing up to 10% ethanol? Some older cars will not be compatible with this and will need to use the more expensive E5 petrol, ie premium grade.

You can check if your car is compatible here:


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Covered before here
and here
but there's no harm in reminding people again anyway.

A car would have to be really old though to be affected by the change. My 16-year-old Saab can run on E10 with no problems.

The pumps at my local Morrison's filling station have been labelled 'E10' (for 'regular' petrol) for quite some time now. I've no idea though whether they're actually delivering E10 already or if they've just got a bit ahead of themselves with changing their pump signs.
Question Author
Yes, Chris, worth reminding people, as haven't seen much coverage on this in the papers or TV. Glad that my 26-year-old Saab is okay to use the new stuff!
Thanks for the link brainiac- seems my old Nissan is ok on it
apparently lots of VW golfs arent compatible
I understand that the new E10 petrol should NOT be used in garden machinery - mowers etc
I only use V-Power anyway.
A very useful link. Thank you, it seems I am OK.
Many thanks for posting this information, Brainiac.

My old Ford Fiesta is ok according to the website. Phew!
Question Author
Glad you found this useful. I'm surprised at how little coverage there has been about this in the media.

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Petrol Changes

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