Dvla Grants 7-Month Photocard Driving Licence Extension

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gordon21ups | 12:59 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | Motoring
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Has anyone seen this ? . I've read this it says you will automatically get a seven month extention to your licence from the date renewal is due,between 1st Feb and 31st Aug. I haven't seen anything on the DVLA website though (doesn't mean it isn't there though), is it legit as mine is due for renewal 29 June


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I'm having a nightmare at moment trying to acquire a suitable photograph for my new photocard licence. They do realise that photobooths aren't available don't they? I can't find anywhere open to print off my photo either. What am I supposed to do?

I renewed mine back in March this year after them sending me a reminder. Did it online, fortunately my passport does not expire till 2022 so they used that again for the photo,
As you say, the relevant information doesn't yet appear on the main 'driving licence' section of the website, nor on the pages relating to things which have changed due to Covid-19.

However a bit of hunting around in the 'press releases' section eventually brings one to this official statement:
Did mine in April, They used my passport photo that thet already had.

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Dvla Grants 7-Month Photocard Driving Licence Extension

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