Notification To Renew Driving Licence

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Thisoldbird | 22:12 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Motoring
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Can anyone answer thus question please.

Over 70 we have to reapply for our driving licence every 3 years.

A conversation with a friend who is about to renew her driving licence age 76, says she didn't get a reminder.

I have renewed mine 4 times since being 70 and feel sure I have recieved the relevant form to fill in each time

Anyone experience of this please.


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The notification should be automated however this does not guarantee that said notification will not get lost in the post.

In a similar vein, back in the good old days of VED (Tax Disc) renewals I failed to receive the renewal form 3 times in a 4 year period but was always aware to renew without the reminders.
So she should have had 3 notifications? One at age 70, one at age 73 and one at 76. They can’t all have got lost in the post. I wonder if her licence is valid if she hasn’t submitted the forms. Perhaps she should contact DVLA.
"They can’t all have got lost in the post."

Why is it not possible for two (at ages 70 & 73) to have been undelivered?

"I wonder if her licence is valid if she hasn’t submitted the forms."

She has not held a valid licence since her 70th birthday.
... or she has renewed twice already and it is this latest notification which has not been delivered.
Is there a government website where you can look to see if someone's Driving Licence is still valid? Like you can see if a car is taxed?
Really can't see any reason why people need to rely on getting reminders for such important documents, its really down to you to make sure you are up to date with such.
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Thanks for replies.

The ladies has renewed as and when required. She said she never gets notified via DVLA other than the first 70 year old renewal.

I have received notification on all my renewal dates since turning 70, 12 years ago.

I've made my decision not to renew when the present licence expires.
Thanks again
I am 85 .just renewed my licence again .only had one reminder.

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Notification To Renew Driving Licence

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