Transporting Diesel In Jerrycans

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paul1763 | 12:42 Wed 13th Jun 2018 | Motoring
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Hi all, can anyone tell me if there's a limit to the amount of fuel that can be carried in jerrycans in the back of a car. I supply the charity I volunteer at with their diesel at the price I pay to have a bulk delivery and take them 5 jerrycans containing 13l each coming to 65l every 4 or 5 weeks for their tractor and 4X4. I carry the cans in a purpose built box that locks shut and is a very tight fit in the back of my car so unless something actually spears my back door there is little to no chance of spillage. It's just that someone told me that what I'm doing is illegal. Very grateful for any info on this thanks.


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In the country people lug it about all over the place, we routinely transport 100 litres of red diesel and I don't believe there is a consistant limit.
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Well yes there is you can dispense up to 100 litres without giving any details to the garage in question where we are over that they want to know who you are for the Ministry, but there doesn't seem to be an actual limit on how much you can carry as such only guidelines.
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Yeah round here quite a few of the garages sell it, and kerosene, we're right in the depths of the country though, not sure how it would be anywhere less rural.
I live in town and my local garage sell it
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Thanks all for your answers, the 3 links will provide some interesting reading, kvalidir around my area they're a bit sharpener on the amount you buy at the pumps but I'm taking it from my own personal tank so there's no questions asked from that point of view. Once again thanks all
First caveat...this might all have changed since I did my ADR (Dangerous Goods) training in the late 90's. However, it all used to be to do with the size of the container. Fuel that is in the vehicles normal fuel tank is exempt. After that, any container of 5litres+ came under the regs, so obviously, a fuel tanker would. I can't remember how many 5lt cans you could carry, but it wasn't many...5 rings a bell(2nd caveat!). The bit that always got me was, that you could have an artic full of 4lt cans of petrol and it did not come under the ADR regs, because of the container size, so no special measures need to be taken! Thats the EU regs for you!!

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Transporting Diesel In Jerrycans

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