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Bazile | 15:07 Wed 13th Jun 2018 | Motoring
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All of a sudden , when i lock my car doors with the remote key fob , the indicators don't flash anymore - although the door does actually lock .

However when i unlock the doors the indicators flash .

Any ideas , why ?


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Do all of the indicators function normally when the car is on, and when you indicate?
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So things to check:

You've changed / disconnected then reconnected the battery and the issue is still occuring

That all doors are shut, including bonnet and boot

That all indicators work fine otherwise

Make sure the alarm still works! (Way to do this is to... sit in the car, with your key fob in one hand, and lock the car, wait a few minutes untill alarm should be enabled, then try to open the boot, or bonnet or door whilst car is locked, to try set off alarm)
Note: If the car alarm is not set then your insurance is possibly voided.

Maybe a wire has become loose or if you've recently had a knock into another car or wall this could have had an affect.

If none of the above, i am stumped and this may be a hard one.
There may be advice here:

Don't use the fob. Lock the door with the key, then unlock the door with the key. This will reset systems to original state. This works when electric windows don't work properly as well.
Just as a test. Slide both front windows down. Lock car with key, the windows will automatically close. Open door with key and hey presto.

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Locking Car

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