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Citroen C Crosser None Starter

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anthony25 | 21:01 Sun 04th Dec 2016 | Motoring
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Hi all so my brother was driving his 2.2 Citroën c crosser diesel when the auxiliary belt shredded car came to a stop.. I've replaced the belt car turns over but won't start at first I thought maybe the belt had damaged the crankshaft sensor replaced that today to no avail any ideas??


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Out of diesel?
Air Lock in the System?
Does it spin over? if not Duff battery!
If battery, jump start it.
Are you sure the timing isn't 180 deg out? If you're expecting the engine to fire at the end of the exhaust stroke you'll have a long wait.
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Would an air lock occur?..the belt didn't snap jst bits come off it plenty of diesel in it battery is only 7 months old car turns of jst won't kick in etc was fine before belt shredded etc
Was the belt anywhere near a fuel line ( Pipe)? if the car was ok before the belt went, this "Could" be one cause
Forgot to add, check the fuses, with the belt snapping It may have blown a fuel cut off fuse, just a thought.
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Update car plugged in today came up crankshaft sensor which was replaced 3 days ago with a new one so all points to wiring to the crankshaft sensor in my eyes..

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Citroen C Crosser None Starter

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