LDV Convoy Diesel problem

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Peter kenyon | 18:06 Fri 07th Oct 2005 | Motoring
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Thanks to the 3 people who responded. A good tip to add some of that stuff to the tank and avoid supermarket fuel!

To the other 2 guys, the problem is now solved,i had it relooked at today, by an injection spcialst in Hull.

1Injector was marked orange, and the other 3 were red.(different types).1 of the orange ones was okay, where as the other 2 were either cracked or breaking down, so 4 new ones were the norm. After half an hour, and a hard road test it was back to normal.

This was really strange, as i thought the fuel tank was going to have to come off for cleaning.The instability of the fuel going around corners etc wasm maybe caused by the accel, and decel, and the injectors not working properly. I will test it again over the next few days, and see what happens, so thanks again guys for your efforts. You were in the right direction, which is good to know


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No worries. Hope its cured...
Always good when folks come back to tell us what the solution was - much appreciated !
After reading your first post It is impossible, for going around corners to give injector seems to me that there is something in your tank/fuel line causing fuel restriction, thats why it would idle all day but the fuel pump could not keep up with the demand during above half throttle speeds.did you stay with the vehicle when it was being repaired?  did they first fit new injectors and the problem was still there then they cleaned the fuel tank?something not quite right some how, just hope its ok now!

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LDV Convoy Diesel problem

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